Romance With A Disability

wheelchair dating

The internet is a great resource for finding any type of information. If you’ve ever looked up disability dating stories, you know there’s a good deal of mixed results. Many people say they are lonely and their disability prevents them from finding happiness. Well, as discouraging as those stories all are, there are encouraging ones out there as well. Of course, the stories with happy endings are a little harder to find. But if you’re looking to enjoy a real romance with a disability, you might want to read these real success stories.

A gentleman by the name of Chad was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He was afraid his disability was going to define him as a person. He recalls dreading dates because he wasn’t sure his dates were going to accept him when they realized he was disabled. But he also realized he was defining himself by his disability. He realized he was being restricted by his disability because he was letting it restrict him. He decided it was time to love and respect himself. He chose to start talking about his cerebral palsy, openly. He’s now married with children and he’s living his happily ever after.

Maurice suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder. Now his story isn’t quite as fairy tale romance. The bachelor hasn’t settled down, but he enjoys his fair share of dates. He was also originally insecure about his disability. But he decided to embrace it as part of who he was. His advice is to accept who you are. He suggests to let things progress naturally. He believes the right person is out there for everyone, but he just hasn’t found his yet. He’s in no rush, either. He’s playing keyboard in a band and just waiting to meet his Mrs. Right.


A very wise woman by the name of Bridget has taken to writing love advice columns about her experiences while dating in a wheelchair. She says before she met her current boyfriend George, she was always nervous about asking anyone out. She was afraid of the reception she would get because of the wheelchair. But she stayed the course, she kept trying and she learned to be upfront with herself. She realized she was a great person with a lot to offer the world and she didn’t need to be defined by her wheelchair.

An inspirational couple by the names of Anita and Abraham both suffer from Autism. Their wedding was filled with advice from dating with Autism to how to raise children who have Autism. They have even both written out the moments they fell in love from different perspectives. These two are happy together and happy to share that happiness with everyone else.

These are just some of many love stories that ended on the brighter side. It doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not. Romance with a disability just takes a little extra work. But it’s worth it. You just have to love and respect yourself first. The rest will fall into place as long as you’re confident that it will.