Disabled Dating Advice You Want

people-with-a-disabilitiesSo you’ve decided to give disabled dating online a shot. You’ve set up your profile and you’re chatting up a few interested members. Hold on. There is some disabled dating advice you want before you take this relationship to the next level!

1. One of the things you’re going to want to watch for is the amount of personal information you’ve given out. You don’t want to over share your personal details. What you do for a living is a good thing to talk about. But don’t tell anyone online where you work or where you live. You obviously don’t want to give out financial information. Your companion shouldn’t be asking for that kind of thing in the first place. Asking where you work might just be part of making conversation. If you work at a retail store, give the name but not which location you work at. That kind of thing.

2. Before you make arrangements to actually meet, you should make sure your companion is a legitimate person. That means no cat-fishing, or scammers. You could have made arrangements to go out with someone who isn’t going to show up. A lot of this kind of behavior can be avoided by using a safe and secure server. If the dating site you’re on is legitimate, there will be less of these types of people. If it’s some free site that anyone can join, you may find yourself faced with scammers. Use your own discretion and follow your gut instinct on a person.

3. Make sure that you’re being honest as well. Be honest not only about who you are, but about your restrictions as well. Make sure that your companion is aware of your disability. You don’t want to surprise them on your first date. Of course, your date should want to get to know who you are outside of your disability. However, if you didn’t tell them before that first date, they may feel betrayed. You don’t want to have built something online to have it go to waste because you left out that piece of information.

4. Continue practicing your safety when you do make arrangements for the first date. This means meeting up somewhere well lit and public. You want other people to see you together. Not for bragging rights, but so that if anything happens to you, there were witnesses. That may seem like a ridiculous notion, but it’s better to be safe than be sorry you weren’t. Also, it’s not appropriate to go straight to someones apartment for a first date. That isn’t safe and it sends the wrong message about the encounter. Hence, meeting up in public. Another good tid bit is that you should make sure someone knows where you’re going and who you’re with. Again, it’s just to be safe.

5. Make sure you know the accessibility of the place you’re going. The first date is really important to the development of your relationship. You don’t want to show up to the restaurant with your date only to find out it’s not accessible because of your disability. A little bit of research will go a long way here. You may also want to suggest a location for the date that you’re familiar with. Somewhere you’ve been before, or may know people who work in the area. In case your date is a bust.

Now all of these tips have been for your safety. You can find suggestions on what to wear and how to act, but none of that is going to help you. Really, the only advice in that area that you can be given is to be yourself. Be confident that you are a terrific catch and anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. Radiate that confidence and that’s all you’ll need.