5 Examples Of Famous Disabled People

dating-tips-for-disabledThere has a been quite a negative stigma regarding individuals who suffer from disabilities. This is unfair. People with disabilities are just like everyone else. In fact, most of the time if you weren’t told, you wouldn’t even know. Some disabilities are physically obvious, while others are completely undetectable. It’s important that everyone realize disabled people are just like everyone else. To illustrate that, we’ve got a list of 5 famous people who you may not have known were even disabled.

1. Donna Fargo – Donna’s a singer. She performs a cross of pop and country music, to get technical. She’s best known for her song The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA. She had another hit that was just as popular called Funny Face. She suffered from multiple sclerosis, but refused to let it interfere with her career. She was adamant that she would fight through it. She rarely spoke of her health issues during interviews, but she became an inspiration to others who suffer from MS.

2. Bruce Willis – Bruce is a well known Hollywood actor. He’s been in many movies over the span of many years. He’s become a classic and everyone knows who he is. But, while you might not know it to watch his acting on screen, Bruce suffered from a speech impediment his entire life. Throughout his childhood, he spoke with a stutter. He was actually afraid it was going to interfere with his acting. This was shared by actress Julia Roberts, who also had a speech impediment throughout her childhood. Neither of them could be picked out of a crowd as having any disability now, but when they were younger it was a different story. Both of them were subject to ridicule when they were younger for being “different”. They have both said that acting was what helped them overcome their disability.


3. Franklin Roosevelt – Franklin Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States. He served an astounding four terms in office. He was the only president to ever serve more than two terms in office. Franklin unfortunately fell ill while on a vacation in Campobello Island in New Brunswick. The illness, which he thought was Polio, resulted in complete paralysis from his waist down. Although, he refused to accept this paralysis and attempted several different types of therapies. He was later fitted with braces, which he learned to walk with by swinging his weight and using a cane. When he wasn’t in the public, he was restricted to a wheelchair.

4. Abbey Nicole Curran – Abbey was known as Miss Iowa in the 2008 Miss USA beauty pageant. Since the pageant, she has made many different television appearances. Some of these appearances include The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Inside Edition, Extra and Access Hollywood. She has even been seen on CNN Headline News. The reason she is such a media sensation is that she was born with cerebral palsy. She is a great example for all young girls and women. She even founded “The Miss You Can Do It Pageant”, which encourages young girls with special needs. She aims to have other girls with disabilities to feel like they can compete like anyone else.

5. Cameron Diaz – Cameron is a well known actress. She’s been blessing the Hollywood screen for over 10 years. She shows no signs of settling down. While it’s harder to tell she suffers from any type of disability, Cameron has obsessive compulsive disorder. For Cameron the disorder is so bad she has said she wipes the paint off door handles before turning them. She also openly talks about how frequently she has to wash her hands. She even uses her elbows to push open doors instead of her hands whenever she can. She is an example of extreme OCD, but it hasn’t stopped her from living happily.